Letter from Peggy Gordon

(Peggy Gordon is the first from the left)

Here's an email sent to me by former Godspell cast member Peggy Gordon. She played Katie Hanley's character in the play, and she wrote and sang 'By My Side' in the original off-Broadway production at Cherry Lane Theatre. It's also the song that's playing now! =)


Hi, I enjoyed your Godspell site. I attempted to post a message but I'm not sure it worked. Wanted to express both my gratitude and let you know that, indeed, that was our Godspell motto. Lamar found it for us, I think, in the New Yorker magazine. We would say it each night in a close group hug before the show. On that note, many of us were busy with other projects when the movie of Godspell was shot; so, I was thrilled that my best friend, Katie Hanley, got to do my role. This photo was just taken of me and Katie this past June. As you can see, we're still best friends. Thank you, Peggy Gordon


(from left to right- Katie Hanley and Peggy Gordon)

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"By My Side"
~ Peggy Gordon / Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording