I live quite close to New York City, and it wasn't until I got into Godspell again that it dawned on me that I should go and take pictures of the locations.
If you're ever in New York city, be sure to check these locations out. I'm a true fan so ... it brought chills to visit the theatre, and the fountain- Just don't jump in the fountain, 'cause a dog did it, and people weren't all too happy. I think there's a possibility you can get arrested for that. Well, if I were to go to prison for anything, it would be jumping in the fountain. ;)
Be sure to check back here for more pictures soon! =)

~ Cherry Lane Theatre ~
Located on 38 Commerce Street, in the Village. They're renovating at the moment, but they're managing to hold shows there, strangely enough. Visit their website for more information.

~ Bethesda Fountain ~
I was tempted to dance in it. But I found out you can possibly get arrested. I did steal water from it. Muahaha!

~ Bethesda Terrace ~
They're renovating something in the middle. I think it's a tunnel. I don't know ... A side note, Jeffrey Mylett ran half-naked up those exact steps. Hot.

~ Lake ~
This, according to the website, is just known as 'Lake'. Sad, no? Anyway, around this area, I'm pretty sure Jesus (Victor Garber) stood. :D

~ Sheep Meadow ~

This place is huuugge. And that's me in the middle of it. ^_^ They shot this place in an aerial view during 'God Save The People' ... in case you didn't know. ^_^

~ Brooklyn Bridge ~
I took this picture from the seat of an Express bus. Not bad, eh? ^^ It's really a beautiful bridge. The second picture is one my relatives sent me when they went on the bridge back in 2006. Thanks guys! :)

~ Band Shell ~
Too bad people were playing in front of it, not in it. :P But yay! I found it!! Gotta catch it one day when it's empty, if it ever is. :P It's in Lincoln Center, and this is where they filmed Lynne Thigpen's number, 'Bless the Lord', just to be clear. ;)

~ Godspell Walk ~
Not it's actual name, but clearer than calling it 'the place where they skip down' (wouldn't that be broad!) Anyways ... this is the part where Victor Garber (Jesus) pulls a dove out of midair, and a parable took place somewhere around here as well. It's just outside the Band Shell in Lincoln Center.

"Beautiful City"
~ Godspell 2001 Touring Company