Here's a place where all the works of the fans will go. At the moment, I only have some up, but I'm working on it! ;)
If you have fanworks of any kind- (fanart, fanfiction, graphics, photos, etc.) please email me at SeltzerAddict@aol.com. Be sure to put Godspell in the subject title because I get loads of spam and it may be overlooked on accident.

.::. Fanfiction .::.

Overboard by GS Writer 
Summary: Why Katie And Robin Have A Rope And A Life Ring Around Jeffrey During His Solo In "Light Of The World"

On The Willows by FairlyOddNewYorker AKA Me
Summary: The Godspellers return to the junkyard and Gilmer comforts Jeffrey.

Those Who Are Humble by Faust Prouvaire
Summary: Events occur between All for the Best and the seed parable. The Apostles run off, and Jesus discusses a subject Judas wants to avoid.

.::. Fan Photos .::.
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Jeffrey Cosplay by Blades-Of-Glory

.::. Misc. .::.