"Learn Your Lessons Well" was cut from the movie version, but it can be heard on the off-Broadway soundtrack.

Later, she acted in several other movies and TV shows.
She got married to Stephen Reinhardt, the associate musical supervisor for 'Godspell'. She has raised two children.

Character notes:
The female equivalent of the class clown. Goofy and a cut-up. this is the female role that sings least, and therefore should be cast with a strong comedienne.

Costume notes:
Dress with ruffles-movement, Blue Blouse, black tights, Red Shoes, Rust hat with rose, Washer Lady look

My thoughts:
"I have been lucky enough to write to Gilmer, and she's the incredibly nice person I had hoped she would be. She's one of my two idols, and I admire her greatly. I guess it's foolish to call her an idol, having not seen her in anything else but 'Godspell', but I idolize her because she can be insanely goofy and beautiful at the same time- something I can't ever juggle!" Y


Gilmer McCormick, known to her friends as 'Gil', was born on March 14, 1947, in Louisville, Kentucky. She graduated from Moravian Preparatory School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1965. She later attended Carnegie-Mellon University, and soon became involved in GODSPELL, co-starring with some of her fellow classmates. She was a part of the original off-Broadway cast. She was in a TV show, 'The Ceremony of Innocence' (1970), and two films, 'Squares' (1972) and 'Slaughterhouse-Five' (1972) before joining several of her fellow cast members in the film version of the musical 'Godspell'. Unfortunately, her solo

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