About Me


            My name’s Rebecca. I live just outside New York city
, not saying where (not because I’m afraid of stalkers – I’m ashamed to be where I am ;P). I worked Custodial at Walt Disney World, in both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, and it was the best experience I've had in my life (thus far). That's saying something. I know not everyone can say they cleaned up after a theme park and enjoyed doing so! Right now I'm finishing up my bachelor's in Art, in Illustration. On the side, I love to write stories, both original and fanfiction, and I love to edit videos to music and stuff like that. I also enjoy working with animals.

            My relationship with Godspell in itself is strange. I used to follow Christianity at one point, but for now I just admire it and admire those who have the faith to believe in it. It was one of my grammy’s favorite films – she had died of lung cancer when I was five. Of course, I didn’t find out how much she appreciated it until recently, so it’s just a comforting thing to know. =)

            All the time when I was little, I can remember listening to the Off-Broadway recording on tape in the old station wagon. (I know it was the Off-Broadway 'cause I can remember constantly asking why 'Learn Your Lessons Well' and 'We Beseech Thee' wasn't in the film! :P) I’m still trying to find that cassette. And my only means of watching it is this old TV recording my mom snagged for us to watch whenever we wanted. It seemed to have been on television a lot when I was little, and I wish it were on more often.

            I decided to make this site, in all honesty, for myself. That sounds very conceited, but I doubted it would be appreciated and I wanted a place to dedicate the film in general- I am both surprised and pleased that it received such awesome emails and comments.

            The one thing I dislike about running this site is music maintenance. I have yet to find a file hosting site that doesn't require me to log in every 30 days or cause lots of problems!

            The music videos I made for Godspell were rightly put side by side with songs from my Sophie B. Hawkins Whaler CD. I listened to her a lot when I was little, around the time I watched Godspell, so putting the two together turned out to be the best thing. I know some of them are ridiculous, and judge all you want but I made them for myself (before I knew I could publicly post such things) and to me they were and are still 'comfort videos'.

            Aside from Godspell, I love a wide variety of films, TV shows, bands, and even some video games. I had a list on here but it made me look insane - let's just say I like a wide variety of things but I hold each and every one of them very dear to my heart. :D


            Thank you to everyone who has visited my site!!! ((And whoever took the time to read all this jibber-jabber. ;) ))

~ Rebecca

(Me with my parrot Sweet Pea)

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