Letter from Katie Hanley

Hi! My dear friend, Peggy Gordon, just emailed me about your site. I checked
it out and am positively blown away. Fantastic! Your heart matches your talent.
Great job putting this together. It made my day. There's nothing like Godspell
to put an eternal smile on all of our faces. xoxoxo Katie

(( When I asked about her roller skates in the film ... :) ))

"As for roller skating....ha! The director of the film took me aside and said he noticed that I was always positioning myself in the back. I'd done the Day By Day onstage, and was unfamiliar with the role Peggy created. I was hanging out in the back of the pack, and David Greene, the director, said (which was so kind of him)..."How can we give you a reason to be in the back so you're comfortable? Do you roller skate?" 

Well, actors know to always say yes....and I did. I told him I'd loved roller skating as a little girl, with the old fashioned screw on kind that need a key. I wore saddle shoes when I was little ( and hated them, but Mom said they offered good support for growing feet). When I told David that....it was settled. Screw on roller skates with saddle shoes. I didn't have a clue how to skate after all that time, but when the camera started rolling, the urgency of the moment enabled me to get rolling...one foot at a time."

Thank you so much for sharing that with us, Katie! :o)