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This site would have not been made possible if it weren't for the contributions of the following people:
(in no particular order)

Annette, for loving Godspell, loving Jeffrey, and putting up with my constant emails and providing me with images to jump start this site.

SVGirl, for having a photobucket account with many screencaps to use without having to bother anyone.

Larry, who has and continues to contribute scans and articles and things of the like.

Carla Meyer of the Boston Company, for sharing her history. :)

Peggy Gordon of the Off-Broadway cast, for sharing a few words and appreciating this site. :)

Katie Hanley of the film cast, for doing the same. :)

Gilmer McCormick, for replying to my letter though I was a scary-obsessive fan at the time of writing to her.

The film cast and crew in general for making such an awesome film. :D

John Gaizick, for sending me tons of scans and stuff that I've yet to post (sorry!) o_o

Tracy of The Merrell Jackson Tribute Site, for making a tribute site for Merrell and providing me with further information about him. :)

My family,who had always came with me to seek out silly film locations throughout the city.

Stephen Schwartz, for making such great music!

To the many lovely emails and guestbook entries I've recieved - thank you thank you thank you! :)

To the many fanartists and fanfiction writers who created and/or submitted fanart and/or fanfictions to the site.

To the video-makers who put together lovely tributes to the film and it's stars.

And to everyone who comes by and visits the site : thank you. :)